Making it Official

Getting Sworn In
Getting sworn in

Getting Sworn In
Two lawyers and a Judge


Praise God!!!

Matthew passed the Bar Exam! (o:

Making a Congratulations Sign for Matthew
Making a Congratulations sign

Making a Congratulations Sign for Matthew
Proud daughters

The new lawyer and his daughters


Congratulations Matthew! We’re all really proud of you and all of your hard work and perseverance. We love you!

Things I’ll Miss (…and won’t miss)

Well, we have moved. It was a lot of work, and I am still trying to catch up on sleep and energy stores, but we are done and fairly settled. Oh, and if you ever want to really declutter, just rent a truck that is way too small to fit everything. You’ll be amazed at the things you will part with. (o:

Things I’ll Miss


  • Our friends (some of which are pictured above)
  • Unhomogenized milk in glass bottles
  • The mild(er) weather
  • The historic homes
  • The mountians
  • Our bakery and the friendly girl who works there
  • Our UPS guy who talks about his son who is also in lawschool
  • Some of our neighbors
  • The long train of brown UPS trucks filing out onto the main road at exactly 9 a.m. after I’ve driven Matthew to school
  • A view of the mountains from just about anywhere in town
  • The roads lined with cedar trees
  • The sound of the big bull frogs at night in the spring and summer by the pond

Things I Won’t Miss

  • People who can’t merge onto the highway or go faster than 60 mph (I’m not being picky about this… it is a HUGE problem!)
  • Really bad dry cleaners
  • ZERO children’s shoe stores
  • Surprisingly bad retail service and manners
  • Verizon (particularly the almost comical, but more furiously frustrating “customer service”)
  • Having someone always living below us
  • Having to look at every single expiration date at the grocery store because they leave rotten/expired food on the shelves (no matter how many times you have to return things and complain)
  • Lack of good restaurants
  • Lack of good grocery stores
  • Basically, a lack of good food
  • Unclean air ducts in our apartment
  • The HUGE “LU” emblem on the side of one of the mountains

Doing Fine

Well, everything is very busy right now. I have been feeling rather sick still. I used to feel okay in the mornings, and then it would get progressively worse as the day went on, but lately (especially this week) I have been sick pretty much all of the time– except for while I’m eating. I gained 52 pounds when I was pregnant with E, and that was difficult to lose (especially since I started off as just a little over 100 lbs!), so I have learned my lesson about eating non-stop for 9 months. (o:

In addition to the chores of everyday living, we have also been visited by a Realtor and potential buyers of the condo that we rent, and that has made everything much more difficult. We are very busy with packing, and Matthew is trying to finish up law school in the midst of all this. He has one more class tomorrow, and then finals for about a week and a half, and then he will be DONE!!! It almost doesn’t seem possible that it is almost over. Not quite sure it has completely hit me yet.

Sorry I don’t have any pictures to share at the moment. I have forgotten to take my camera with me to so many different places… our weekend visit with the J’s, the Barrister’s Banquet, a law school luncheon, and on and on. Let’s just blame my forgetfulness on me being pregnant. (o: I hope to have some sort of picture next time, but we’ll see.