No Room for Debate

Peaceful Demonstration


Senior NCO Academy

This is a pic of M with some of the other interns (and one clerk) at the Air Force Senior NCO Academy where Col. Fowler spoke last week.


Why We Homeschool – Reason #3389

"You can talk about anything else but [God]… It's such a level of intolerance it's frankly remarkable to me." ~Sean Hannity

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"I always do try to live by the rules, and it was a big struggle for me to not heed to [the government school officials'] authority and not listen to what they said, but my first authority is God." ~Brittany McComb


Family Picture

We don’t have many pictures of the four of us together because one of us is usually holding the camera. My friend Nikkae¬†took this picture at the party on election day last week. I think it turned out pretty good for a disposable camera.

Here’s us: