Easy Room Makeover

Well, me and the girls have been sick for over a week now. We all got the flu, and it was bad. All last week we layed in the livingroom together feeling miserable. It was pathetic. We are almost better now– mostly just a bad cough and stuffy nose.

The pictures below do not at all represent what our livingroom looked like while we were all sprawled out across the floor and sofa with Kleenex and old mugs of tea everywhere. I took these before we got sick when I was going to blog about my quick livingroom “makeover” that took place in one night.


These are the lovely sofas (above) that I bought on eBay a few months before we moved here for law school. They were brand new when I got them (for a measly 200 bucks I might add) — the person selling them just didn’t think they matched anything in their house. I sold them on craigslist.com one night the other week, rolled up the area rug, brought the little sofa and chair out of the kitchen (remember our home cafe?), pulled the area rug out that was rolled up in the office closet, and voila!

Our new livingroom!

I have never had this much time to prepare for a move in my life. I’m usually frantically throwing things in boxes with my head spinning in circles. It’s been nice to be able to go through stuff slowly, and sell or give away the things we don’t want to move.

After next week (which will be Spring Break), M will have approximately 2 months left before he graduates, and then we will move at the end of May. I don’t know where we are moving to– that all depends on where he gets a job, but our lease is up on May 31st, so that is when we move. I think we may have scrapped the idea of getting an Airstream (but not entirely). It seems it would be more difficult for us to get any good loan rates for just property in comparison to buying a house. We’ll see what happens.


Are You My Mother?


I think because of not being able to decorate anything all summer long (living in other people’s houses), I was very ready to do something when we got back. Today I painted the little bird from the book Are You My Mother? by P.D. Eastman on the girls’ room wall. I might do the Mommy bird somewhere else in the room some other time… we’ll see how long I’m feeling inspired.

The two framed pictures are a very recent Goodwill find– I got them for $1 each. I thought I’d put those in the girls’ room also.

Ahhh. It’s good to be home!


The color scheme all started with this little dresser.


It was M’s when he was a little boy. His mother bought it and painted it white, with blue and orange knobs. After I had E, it was brought out from the basement and painted 2 shades of yellow with pink, and green accents. We were all living in one bedroom at N’s house right after E was born, and these were the colors that I wanted to paint a baby’s room if we had one.

Since then, we have moved over 8 times, and although E has, for the most part, had her own room during that time, for some reason or another I had never painted it the way I had envisioned when she was a baby.

Well, now this dresser has been handed down to R, and I still haven’t finished the flower pattern on the top. The girls share their room and I finally painted it two shades of yellow, with pink, and green accents. 

It is very yellow. Bright yellow. Brighter yellow than I expected.

But I think I like it.



I got all of the curtains in this room (4 panels) on eBay for $11.00– they are even lined! The beds were from Overstock.com for about $119.00 each (I couldn’t use these beds after all because the side rails were broken, and I couldn’t find a replacement that fit). The Pottery Barn duvet covers were .99 cents and $14.50, and the bedskirts were $8.50, and $11.00– all on eBay. 

Learning Fractions with Chocolate


E is beginning to learn about fractions now. The textbook called for saltine crackers to use as a visual, but we didn’t have any. I think chocolate was a good substitute. Mmm.


I am so excited about my newest find. Four solid, non-wobbly chairs for $20. They need a little paint, but they are perfect for the school room!