M has been spending a little time every morning, before he goes to school, contributing to E’s homeschooling. He is planning on teaching Bible, maybe German, and History. Right now though, they are working on maps and memorization of the states.
I walked into the school room the other morning while they were going through some flashcards of the states. I was about to head back out the door when I heard M read what the next state was called– I didn’t recognize it.
Then he said it again, “How-why-yur.”

Now, M was born and raised in the South, and he doesn’t even talk like this. I have heard him say Hawaii several times before this, and he has said it the right way. I can only conclude that he is worried about his daughters spending 99.9% of their time with, and learning from, a Northerner… me. He is determined to make sure his daughters sound like Southern Bells and not Yankees. Could this be the real reason why he is participating in their homeschooling? I sometimes wonder…


Grandmother’s Visit

Grandmother (M’s mom) came to visit us for a few days. We all had a very nice long weekend with her. The girls have said they already miss her, and she just left this morning.

She stopped at Colonial Williamsburg before she got to our house, and picked up some really cute things for the girls. (Her house is a Williamsburg replica, and she tries to visit Williamsburg when she can.) I still haven’t been yet, but I’m hoping M will take me sometime.

Here are the girls in their Colonial Williamsburg hats.

She got here on Saturday in time for dinner. Then we headed over to her hotel so that we could watch the Georgia Bulldogs on ESPN (We don’t have- and don’t want- cable).
Yes, they won.

I have tried to enjoy football, but I think it may take me going to an actual game to get me to be more into it. Seeing as I wasn’t raised in the South where college football reigns, I think M understands a little. I’m always happy when Georgia wins, but it’s more because M is happy then anything else. Anyway, I wasn’t really into the game and we have free weekend and evening minutes on the cell phone, so I stepped out onto the balcony and called my sister. While we were talking I noticed this massive praying mantis on the wall. It was about 4-5 inches long. I don’t know what it is about them, but I think they’re so cool looking.

On Monday, “N” and I (among other things) went to get E and R’s portraits done. Ever since E was born, she has taken all of the grandchildren for their portraits every year. It is a very nice gift, and very much appreciated.

Aren’t they cute? (o:

The Boppers Are Coming!


The girls have been playing this game that they made up, for about 2 or 3 months. There’s not a whole lot to it. They run around the house yelling “the boppers are coming!” and scare themselves silly. (I thought the black and white created a nice┬ádramatic effect.)

They have acquired some play dress-up clothes which they have been enjoying immensely (especially E). The play clothes have created a new dimension in their minds with the boppers. They’re also wearing the bandanas that Mrs. J sent them in the spring.


Burgers and Fries

I have been lazy about grocery shopping, and we found ourselves with bare cupboards at lunch time today, so we ventured off to the burger joint around the corner. When we first moved here a year and a half ago, “M” and I made ourselves sick eating so much of this place’s food.

They were covering hurricane Rita on the news while we were there… that’s what the girls’ eyeballs are glued to in this picture. It’s kind of strange that Texas is about to get hit with a hurricane right after the New Orleans survivors evacuated there. It’s like they can’t get away.