What M Had Planned

Well, I guess he didn’t really plan this, but when I had written on my Birthday post that “we would see what M had planned” for my Birthday, I wasn’t really expecting this.

Basically, M is really sick. We are waiting for his test results to come back from the doctor to see if he has pneumonia. He has been home from school since Tuesday, and we are all very worried about him. Please keep him and us in your prayers.

He and the girls gave me some very nice gifts for my b-day despite all this.

We finally got an answer from the doctor today (Saturday), and he does NOT have pneumonia! Praise God. This semester has been difficult enough so far with outside distractions nevermind him having to go through the semester with walking pneumonia. He is on the mend. (o:


Things People Do When They Retire

This is a picture of my parents clogging. Well, all of them are not my parents, just two of them. My mom is the 3rd one from the left and my dad is the only one wearing pants (long pants that is). You may need to click on the picture to make it big enough to see them at all.

We experienced a little of this type of entertainment not long ago in our very own apartment… click here for a memory boost.

My Birthday

Yup– today I turn 25!
Just kidding. I’m 35. So, if I only live to be 70 then I am now middle aged. I’m told that we will not have any cake until Wednesday… we’ll see what M has planned…

Violin Recital

Today was the big day of the violin recital. Grandmother drove up for the special occasion. E played better than she ever has– we are all so proud of her! She’s very excited to move on and focus on her next song that she is learning. It was really neat to hear some of the other students play. One of the older girls started when she was 5 years old and she played so well. It’s exciting to see how E might sounds if she continues on that long.

A flower from Papa.

Aprons, Apple Pies & Horses

E and R still had some money that were gifts in December that they wanted to spend, so after much laborious searching they made their purchases. E found this really cute baking set that you can really bake with. I went to Michael’s and got her a little apron also for a few bucks, and we got some little iron-on flowers to put on the front. She arranged the flowers herself.

She made her first apple pie– it was really good!

R picked out these little horses and a book about horses. She loves playing with little figures and dolls. She will sit alone for very long periods of time pretending with little toys like these. She makes them talk to eachother and even makes different voices for each one. It’s really cute.