Don’t I Know You?



Well, we had a blast the other day with this link that I got from The Hutchison Monologues.

The first picture is me as you see me now, the next is me as an East Asian, then African, then much older, then an ape, and finally a Mucha painting (where I got the picture to make my new header).

PattieEast Asian PattieAfro PattieOlder Adult PattieApeman PattieMucha Pattie

I sent the link on to my sister who called me while we were in the middle of making our transformations (and laughing hysterically), and as much as I would love to post a few of her pictures that were far funnier than ours, I’m pretty sure she would not appreciate it. (o:

Here are some from the girls. The first is an age progression of E, and then an age progression of R.

TeenagerYoung AdultOlder Adult

TeenagerYoung AdultOlder Adult

Okay, now that I have permission, here are some of Matthew’s transformations. Normal, East Asian, West Asian, Old, African, and Ape.

MatthewEast Asian MatthewWest Asian MatthewOlder Adult MatthewAfro MatthewApeman Matthew

My Top 10 All Time Favorite Songs

… in alphabetical order.

I got this idea from my Irish internet friend Clare. It was really fun to make this list. I’m sure I’ve forgotten some songs, but oh well… here it is– click on each to listen:

Air in G by Bach
(played at our wedding)

Dreams by The Cranberries
(me and Matthew’s song) (o:

Forever Young by Alphaville
(the first time I heard this song was when some friends and I were driving through the mountains in northern New Hampshire to go cross-country skiing… that was a much better back drop for this song than this video)

I Ran by A Flock of Seagulls

The Man Comes Around by Johnny Cash
(here is an example of the greatness you get when someone as good as Johnny Cash becomes a Christian)

The Obvious Child by Paul Simon
(I wanted to go to this concert BADLY… not sure why I didn’t)

Over There by The Connells

Pictures of Matchstick Men by Camper Van Beethoven

Superman by R.E.M.
(the song, not this video)

Take On Me by A-Ha

There. Now I can get rid of all my old cassettes on craigslist. (o:


Well, I’ve been tagged all the way from Scotland by our blogger friend, Neil. He has shared with the internet world 5 things about himself that people generally would not know otherwise, and has now tagged me and four other people to do the same. My list is not quite as humorous as his is, but it will likely be equally as surprising.

1. When I was about 18 years old, I had a fire engine red mohawk (I never wore it up), and I used to have a nose ring, a belly-button ring, and my ears were pierced 7 times.

2. I have a tattoo of a baby fairy dragon hatching out of an egg on half of my back.

3. I became a Christian when I was 24, and God transformed just about everything about me inside and out.

4. I can play pool and skateboard, although the half pipe always scared me.

5. The sound of someone wiping a plastic tablecloth makes me want to rip my skin off.

I know… #5 is probably pretty shocking for you all. Maybe I’ve been a little too open.

And now, I would like to tag Matthew, Jolly, Stephanie, Ursula, and Michael.