Not Long Now…

Tomorrow is M’s last day of classes… the next two weeks will be finals. Then we’re off to Savannah for a few days to say good-bye to M’s brother, S who is being deployed to Iraq on the 14th from Fort Stewart.

The only pictures I have to add are some Moot Court Tournament pictures.

Moot Court Competition
M making his argument in front of the panel of judges.

Moot Court Competition

Moot Court Competition
M and his co-counsel.


Enjoying God’s Creation

We went for a drive after church today. Believe it or not, it started snowing!

We found a dirt road that wound up a mountain.


The Driver.

The driven.

Tired Baby
Tired baby.

Moot Court Runner-Up

Moot Court Runner UpWell, M made it to the final four today, and then he proceeded on to win second place in the final competition. He was awesome!

There was a panel of real judges from around the area, and they really grilled all of the to-be lawyers. It was really fun to watch. I think M was the best, but hey, I’m not a judge. Although I did hear a few other similar remarks here and there…. hmmmmmm

Anyway… we’re all really proud of him.

Three more weeks, and this first year of law school will be done! Yay!

Moot Court

M and his friend (and fellow student) have been working day and night this past week or so preparing for Moot Court at the Law School.

(“A” as the lawyer… I was the judge).

They had their first round on Tuesday. I was able to watch that one since I had to be at the school for a meeting anyway. M and A did great… and I’m not just saying that.

This afternoon was round two, and tonight they will find out who made it to the next round tomorrow. M pulled an all-nighter last night. He found a great break-through for his argument… I believe he is going to take everyone by surprise. I’m dying to hear how it went!

Bubbles and Plants

E and I went out onto the porch today and blew bubbles.


(The last one is pretty neat if you click on it to see it close up.)


M is going to train some of our climbing plants to climb around our porch railings. It’ll look so pretty out there this summer!

Potting PlantsPotting PlantsPotting PlantsPotting Plants

E really enjoys working on projects. 


R was sleeping this whole time. 

Potting Plants

R is awake! She had a blast with the big bag of dirt.

04-16-2005 079

R is putting seeds in this pot…

04-16-2005 089
and in her mouth.

04-16-2005 093

04-16-2005 098