Large Spider

Does anyone know what kind of spider this is? Is it poisonous? This thing was about the size of my hand (no joke). My sister said that if I take his fangs out and eat him, I can get enough protein for an entire day.


My Fax Got Spammed!

I couldn’t believe it. I was just sitting here, checking my email etc., when I happened to see this out of the corner of my eye: 

Fax Spam

Fax spam!

My Top 10 All Time Favorite Songs

… in alphabetical order.

I got this idea from my Irish internet friend Clare. It was really fun to make this list. I’m sure I’ve forgotten some songs, but oh well… here it is– click on each to listen:

Air in G by Bach
(played at our wedding)

Dreams by The Cranberries
(me and Matthew’s song) (o:

Forever Young by Alphaville
(the first time I heard this song was when some friends and I were driving through the mountains in northern New Hampshire to go cross-country skiing… that was a much better back drop for this song than this video)

I Ran by A Flock of Seagulls

The Man Comes Around by Johnny Cash
(here is an example of the greatness you get when someone as good as Johnny Cash becomes a Christian)

The Obvious Child by Paul Simon
(I wanted to go to this concert BADLY… not sure why I didn’t)

Over There by The Connells

Pictures of Matchstick Men by Camper Van Beethoven

Superman by R.E.M.
(the song, not this video)

Take On Me by A-Ha

There. Now I can get rid of all my old cassettes on craigslist. (o:

Dangerous Roads

I’m subscribed to Dr. Mercola’s health newsletter where he gives great info on health, but he often includes links to interesting or fun things as well.

While trying to catch up on some emails this morning, I came across an older newsletter from him containing a link to the top 5 most dangerous roads in the world. Before I clicked the link, I was expecting to see maybe I-85 going through Atlanta during rush-hour(s) on the list, or maybe in a taxi cab in the heart of New York City, but I was very very wrong. Those seem like a pleasant prairie paths in comparison to these!

Check it out here.

Dangerous Road
Bolivia’s “Road of Death”