Dangerous Roads

I’m subscribed to Dr. Mercola’s health newsletter where he gives great info on health, but he often includes links to interesting or fun things as well.

While trying to catch up on some emails this morning, I came across an older newsletter from him containing a link to the top 5 most dangerous roads in the world. Before I clicked the link, I was expecting to see maybe I-85 going through Atlanta during rush-hour(s) on the list, or maybe in a taxi cab in the heart of New York City, but I was very very wrong. Those seem like a pleasant prairie paths in comparison to these!

Check it out here.

Dangerous Road
Bolivia’s “Road of Death”


2 thoughts on “Dangerous Roads

  1. Unbelievable! We had some missionaries to Cameroon with us about a year ago, and they showed us a video clip of some roads in Cameroon that were treacherously muddy like those in dangerous road #1. The missionary was filming as he drove, and you could hear his wife praying in the background because the truck was leaning dangerously to the right.

    That hiking trail at the end was something else. I don’t know why anyone would want to hike that. I guess I’m not a person who likes to flirt with death. Thanks for sharing.


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