Grandmother’s House


Lagging Ice Storm Post, etc.

I just downloaded the pictures from the camera today to see what was on it. I had forgotten about all of these pictures from our ice storm last week!

We all decided to walk outside for a little during the ice storm that night. This is E and M looking rather funny…

(Yes, I was the big baby who wanted to come back inside first… me, the New Englander.)

M put down his law books on Friday afternoon and then picked up the paint brush. I think he is enjoying a little “manual labor” after the semester behind the books. Our apt. is looking good! We are very ready to enjoy a month off– he will start back up mid-January, and hopefully he will be well rested.

Mashed Frog & Lion Soup

E and R have been making some interesting pretend dishes today. On the menu is roasted deer with mashed frog, lion soup with cherry butter, and some other delicacies that someone who is “common” like me has never heard of.

Purple Toucan was also on today’s menu. Mmmmmmm.

Sautéed Mushroom

This is our new bedroom color– “sautéed mushroom”. The trim was already painted by the people before us, and I think it looks good with this color we picked (not sure it’s coming across as the true colors in the picture– it’s more like a brown with a very slight hint of green).

We have colors picked out for the dining room and living room, and maybe the kitchen. It really makes it easier when we don’t have to paint the ceilings or the trim.

M has only one more final to take and then we get to breathe for awhile. We are planning on a trip to Georgia to visit M’s family pretty soon– we’re all excited about that.

The sleeping beauties.