Happy 5th Birthday!

E woke up this morning to a balloon and flowers.

Happy Birthday E! We love you!

The cake…

I found these really cute sprinkles (or as we used to call them “jimmies”) in the shape of cows, pigs, ducks, and chicks. 

My friend U sent E a card that came with this cute paper doll set. She colored them this afternoon.


The Z family called to wish E a Happy Birthday. As you can see from the pictures, E really enjoys talking… a little too much. (Click the picture to enlarge)

R is enjoying the cake and ice cream.

Stickers were in the card from Grandma and Grandpa.

Grandmother called while E was opening the card from her!

Silly card… and… a little strange…

Papa got E some earrings!

There’s actually a story behind this frog candle holder. Back in February, M brought E out to get me a present for my birthday. This frog was something that she was going to get for me, but then she decided to put it back and pick something else because she realized that it was something that she wanted for herself and she wanted to get something that she thought that I would want– not just something that she wanted. After M told me this story, I went back to the store that they were shopping at and bought it for her. She remembers it, and is very happy to have it!

E with her new earrings on. Pretty girl.
Happy 5th Birthday Sweetheart!


Children’s Museum

E’s 5th birthday is on Tuesday, so we had our family celebration on Saturday at the children’s museum downtown. This will be the first year we will not have a big party for her… mainly because I’m too tired. I really don’t think I can pull off one of those again this year.

R is ready to go.

I don’t think E was disappointed at all. And I know M wasn’t. He probably had more fun than any of us.

I will say– I did not anticipate this museum to be so cool! It was 4 floors packed with really fun, interesting, and really cool things.

First, E and R played in a little pretend farm.

R picking corn.

E “milking” the cow.

We stood in a box that was full of angled mirrors… perfect photo opportunity.

We played these really cool video games where you can actually be in the game. Kind of like your local weather man on the news– there is nothing but a blank screen behind you. It will interact with your movements so that you can play all sorts of games.

M and E are playing a game called “Water Cycle” in these pictures. They are both standing on a waterdrop and it would move and dodge certain obstacles depending on how they would move their bodies.

Now they’re playing the drums.

Taking a little rest in the puppet forest.

Another very cool mirrored wall.

M gets to test his soccer skills once again (kind of).

I wish we could have gotten more pictures– our batteries for the camera died on us again. :oP

The Spa

Our first rose from one of our rose bushes! I can’t believe how huge it is! M is the master potter. He is able to make any plant happy.

Not sure how good of idea this was… but I put a pool on the porch. It’s going to take a few more buckets of water before we can “swim” in it, but the girls are pretty excited.

Who’s the Culprit?

I have a grey hair!
Should I attribute this to M’s first year of law school, or just because I’m getting old?

M started his summer internship on Monday. He really likes it so far. He sits in court a lot, so I get to hear great stories when he comes home. I’m already having to try to not get emotionally involved. I don’t think I can record details of the cases on here, but sometimes it’s hard to not feel bad for some of these people I hear about.

E and R with some flowers (or weeds) that they picked.