Young Jargon

This page is a list I’m compiling of words my children use that I personally find hilarious. I’m sure this list will be constantly added to, so check back from time to time. Leave a comment if you have any “young jargon” to share!

Arty Duty = R2D2

Turlet = Toilet

Bogahs inmanose = Bugars in my nose

De-cussing = Disgusting

Gamana = Banana

My Peas Be Accused = May I Please Be Excused

Cuemies = Excuse Me

Haybops = Hiccups

Stone Cold Creamery = Cold Stone Creamery
(doesn’t sound quite so appetizing anymore…)

Zert = Dessert

Under the Pants = Underpants

Not Anything = Nothing

Patterin = Pattern

Salary = Celery

Bommin = Bottom

Comferthubul = Comfortable

The Borgia Dull Dogs = The Georgia Bulldogs

Marshmelons = Marshmellows

Overhauls = Overalls

Regory = Regular

Their Chother = Eachother

Instersting = Interesting

Chest = Chess

Skusting = Disgusting

Quote Archive

M Jr.

M Jr.: “I’m not a snowman.”
Me: “How do you know?”
M Jr.: “Because I’m not covered in dadgum snow.”
January 2012


“I’m freezing, will you turn the fan on?”
January 2007

“My chapstick smells like chubby cheeks.”
January 2007

“We’re making zert!”
October 2006

“I’ll find it Mommy!  I’ll find it!
…tell me if you see it okay?”
October 2006

“Let me see what time it is…
It’s 40 o’clock!”
September 2006

“I’m so hungry I’m going to pass out. I’m not kidding you.”
August 2006

“I like the Borgia Dull Dogs!”
August 2006

“Do the fireworks hurt the sky?”
July 2006

“Why does Papa not got his beard on? Where is it?” ~ The morning after M decided to shave his beard.
February 2006

“I not sick, but I need a bawoon.”
February 2006

“We always do that sometimes.”
January 2006


“Wet willies feel kind of good after.”
December 2006

“Mommy, do you want me to whoop your fanny at chess after we eat dinner?”
November 2006

“I’m cold, and I want to be sweaty.”
October 2006

“I wouldn’t mind a little coffee.” ~her response after I asked her father if he wanted some coffee.
August 2006

“You mean up to the bone?” ~After I told her she had to eat her whole apple.
June 2006

“Mommy, you’re a good picker-outer for things like this because I personally like it.” ~After opening her birthday presents.
May 2006

“I want to go banana picking.”
March 2006

“I can count myself.”
February 2006

“May I please have five?” ~When asking R for a “high five.”
January 2006

“I just think that sauce is too saucy.”
January 2006

“My goodness… I’m going to be pretty old when I turn 6!”
January 2006

“I think the Veggie Tale named ‘Larry’ is a very good singer.”
January 2006


6 thoughts on “Young Jargon

  1. Some of my favorites from my brother & Kai over the years:
    Hopstital (hospital), kehpotch (ketchup), sketty (spaghetti), gaga (gracias), Asha (Ursula), buh bah buh (bye bye bus-Andrew)

    I can’t wait until Andrew can contribute more!

  2. Good idea to keep a record. We hear “chest” at our house too- from Olivia. And when she was about 2 she said “Blockmustard” for Blockbuster. Tim didn’t say nearly as many cute things like that. I wonder if it a gender thing. He said his first word at 10 months and pretty much didn’t speak again until it was full sentences pronounced clearly at 18 months. I think girls are more chatty maybe?

  3. Your kids have said some cute things. It takes me back to when mine were younger. My daughter used to say ogee for eagle, ya ya for water and popsicadull for popsicle. Sometimes we still laugh about the things the kids said when they were younger. Ah, such memories! :-)

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