Cold Early Morning Walk

Matthew likes to take the baby with him for a walk in the morning sometimes. Someone’s not quite awake yet in this picture.


Moved Again

As most of you already know, we’ve moved again.

We packed the truck (or I should say, Matthew packed the truck) last Tuesday, and we drove to our new house on Wednesday and finished unloading by Thursday afternoon. Thankfully, we had everything moved inside before the torrential rains came, and also before we had massive sewage back-up problems (ew).

Lots of Rain

As you can see from the picture above, some of our windows go all the way down to the ground. We watched nervously and prayed as the water levels rose, but thankfully, the inside of the house stayed dry. We lost power at least 3 times though, but that ended up being kind of fun.

We LOVE it here. Once I can get everything unpacked and a little more organized, I’ll start taking some pictures of our new neighborhood and the surrounding area. As far as I’m concerned at this point, I could stay here forever.

Snow & Sledding


The cold has been here for awhile, but the snow kept missing us somehow. We finally got some yesterday… just enough to sledĀ on. A lot of it was melted by late afternoon, but we got in a few good hours of fun.

E and one of neighbor’s daughters.

Me, flying at warp speeds.


Just Like Spring

It has been so warm here these past few weeks. Not at all like your typical December. The girls have liked being outside a little more than usual though, and it sure has been nice on our heating bill (well, the warm weather plus the 88 year old woman who lives under us and cranks her heat!).

Here are a few pictures on E’s organic masterpiece.

Dirt, etc.

Dirt, etc.