I didn’t think it would be as bad as it is… not even close to how bad it is. The day that the hurricane hit, there wasn’t a whole lot on the news about it– at least not here. But then the next night M and I looked at hundreds of pictures online of the complete devastation. I was shocked. I’m still shocked.

I can’t even imagine what the people from there are going through right now. Dead bodies – sewage – no water – no food – no power – no gasoline – nothing to their names, and nowhere to live.

You hear of catastrophes happening in other countries, and it’s obvious that it would be difficult or impossible to help (other than donating money), but I keep thinking about how close all of these people are to me. I supposed it would be about a 12 hour drive from here. They’re so close!… and still… what can I do?

I asked M if he would drive down there this weekend and bring someone back with him. (Wouldn’t you be grateful?) He convinced me (kind-of) that we just could not do that right now. I’m sure he’s right. It cost $52 to fill up our gas tank today, etc.

Well, my idea sounded good… not so simple though as I first hoped.



From E’s Point of View

E has a little plastic camera (it takes real pictures- no flash) that she got from her Aunt H awhile back, and she wanted to take pictures with it on our walk yesterday. Well, she took an entire roll of film just to have me expose the entire thing in the broad daylight (I really thought it was rewound… I feel horrible).

So, I let her take some pictures with the digital camera on the way home. I think they are great!

Last Year

Take a peek at the picture on the law school’s homepage. This was taken at the beginning of the school year last year at one of the law school’s “get together’s.” I think M has more grey hair now. (o:

The Story Behind the Cat

You may remember me mentioning in the “At Long Last” post that we had a cat for a short period of time. Well, here’s the story:

We came home one evening to find a cute little grey kitten at the bottom of the stairs of our apartment building. She appeared to not have a home, and after playing with her for awhile, we decided to take her in for a trial period of time, with the hopes of maybe keeping her.

She started off really sweet, and very playful, but unfortunately the sweetness didn’t last, and she started hissing and biting. Also, one of the neighbors (so we heard) said the cat was hers.

So… after buying a litter box and kitten food, getting rid of her fleas, and creating two little girls who now really want a cat– we had to let the mean little thing back outside. That was “Paisley.”

That very same day that we let Paisley back out, I received an email from the Freecycling Group about four free kittens.

This is Phoebe…

She’s very lovable.

And now we also have a very happy five year old.

Hand-made Array

R received this little dress in the mail yesterday from M’s mom. She made it from a tablecloth… it’s so sweet! Thanks N!
She also made one for E a few years ago that was really cute too, with a different pattern. That dress is packed away, but here is a picture of her in it when R was just a newborn. You can’t really see the dress very well, but I just love this picture. (Sorry about the flash… I don’t have a scanner)

And a few more pictures of the pretty R in her dress…

I was also able to get M to take some pictures of me in my new shrug from R. Isn’t it great? This is her end of a swap we have arranged where I will soon be sending her some bunny illustrations for her to choose from to use on her website, etc..
(Hey– this thread is starting to look like one that would belong on her blog!)

I started to move some things into the new school room this afternoon, when I became side-tracked with something else for a long while. When I finally came back I saw that E had already “moved in” and was enjoying the room before it was even finished.