My friend Ursula had this video on her website. I loved it so much I thought I would post it here too.

Makes me want some more babies even more! (o:


The Un-Kitten


Oliver is no longer a kitten– he turns one year old today. The bottom left picture is him last year right after we got him, and the bottom right is him now. He is big and fierce now– killing birds and chasing cats twice his size out of the yard. He has a pretty mean meow while he chasing them too.

He has really has turned out to be a great cat. He has traveled with us everywhere we have gone since we got him (I think), and he just hangs around the yard where ever we stay and he never runs away.

For his birthday today, he got a brush (I know, it’s pink, but that was all they had at the store), a new collar, and some wet cat food with flea medication mixed in.

Little Accomplishments


E is really getting the hang of riding her new bike that her Grandmother got her for her birthday a few weeks ago. The knee and elbow pads have been ditched… not sure why her helmet isn’t on…

Take a look:

The Neighborhood Kids

We had a big time playing with all of the neighborhood kids the other day. Our front yard went from a race track to a kickball field, to a dodge ball platform, and on and on. They were all so cute. The girls had a lot of fun, but E had to get a little used to the rougher playing at first.

While they were playing dodge ball, M joined in, but kept finding that all the kids would hide behind him to avoid being hit by the ball. He doesn’t often play the fool, so when the ball was thrown, he just grabbed his arms around all of them, and would swing them around to the front so they would get hit. It was hilarious.