Blog Burnout = Update

I have been experiencing a little blog burnout these last few weeks… hence the boring blog lately. This happens every so often, but it will probably pass, and I’ll think it’s fun blogging again. Until then– an update.

My parents came to see us for one day last week as they were driving from New Jersey to Florida. We all wished they could have stayed longer, but they had been away for about 3 weeks, and they really were anxious about getting back home.

Grandma and Grandpa's Visit
My mom and E playing chess, and my dad teaching R how to play the spoons.

We’re all doing well. No one is sick, or has been sick. M is back in school, and this is his final semester. He has been working hard on the job search, and that is our main source of stress right now (worrying). I know, I know, he’ll get a job, it’s just stressful waiting and wondering.

The girls are doing well. They both just had a massive growth spurt resulting in all of their dresses being way too short. We went shopping last night and got them a few things, which was not easy, I tell you. Why on earth all the stores have their shelves stocked with flip-flops, tank tops and shorts is beyond me. It’s January! It’s been in the teens outside. Crazy. At least the few winter items they did have were marked down.

E has figured out on her own how to play When I Survey the Wondrous Cross on her violin. She has a recital coming up in February that she is really looking forward to. R is very interested in playing the violin herself, so I think we will start her up this summer after we move.

Oh, and speaking of moving. This is what we are going to move into after law school:

Our Soon To Be Home

Well, not this one in particular, this is a picture I scanned in from their catalog. After much research and discussion, we have decided to get an Airstream, find a piece of land, and stay in it until we can build a house. I cannot tell you how absolutely excited I am about this!

Over the next few months I will be doing a LOT of decluttering, and organizing. The only things that will come into the Airstream with us will be some clothes, kitchen items, and a few bathroom items, the rest will go into storage.

I have been reading a few blogs from people who live in an Airstream. The man who writes this blog has corresponded with me through email with a lot of helpful tips, and he also recommended I read the blog by this family who has a daughter the same age as E. They put out the magazine Airstream Life, and have been living in one for about two years. It will be a little different for us since we will not be travelling the whole time, but it is very helpful to read about their experiences all the same. Another website that has been good is this one.

Well, there’s the update. Hopefully I’ll get into the blogging mood again soon. (o:


Dangerous Roads

I’m subscribed to Dr. Mercola’s health newsletter where he gives great info on health, but he often includes links to interesting or fun things as well.

While trying to catch up on some emails this morning, I came across an older newsletter from him containing a link to the top 5 most dangerous roads in the world. Before I clicked the link, I was expecting to see maybe I-85 going through Atlanta during rush-hour(s) on the list, or maybe in a taxi cab in the heart of New York City, but I was very very wrong. Those seem like a pleasant prairie paths in comparison to these!

Check it out here.

Dangerous Road
Bolivia’s “Road of Death”

New Page

Check out my new tab above called “Young Jargon.” This new page is the beginnings of a list I’m compiling of words my daughters use that I personally find hilarious. If I had written them all down over the years, this list would be very long, but alas, I’m not organized, and I have forgotten most of them. Well, you gotta start somewhere.

(P.S. That page name may change if I can think of a better one.)