Goodbye Montgomery



It’s finally time to go. I have a lot of memories to bring with me, most of them good I think, but the one word that will probably stick out most in my memory of my time in Montgomery, Alabama is the word HOT. I know it’s been hotter than usual in many places across the country, but I tell you… it’s been HOT here. And humid.

Here are a few pictures to try and illustrate this: 


The left photo is one of several signs I have seen around the city where the letters are melting and peeling off from the heat. The photo on the right is a picture of what the car thermometer read most days. Notice the melted off rear-view mirror in the same photo. 


Top left: The Alabama State Capitol
Top right: The Department of Archives and History (I thought it was pretty)
Bottom left: The Alabama Supreme Court (where M spent his summer completing his externship)
Bottom right: er… I think God said that first… that’s in the book of Amos. 


Gulf Shores

I guess I couldn’t stay away from the blog for long… 


We took a spur of the moment trip to the beach one day this past weekend. Woke up one morning and started to talk about how I wished that we could go to the beach. M said, okay– let’s get ready and go! This past weekend is going to be our last weekend in Alabama, so I’m glad we were able to see the beach once.

It was beautiful there. The skies were overcast, and the air and water were very warm and nice. I loved just floating on my back in the water for a long time while the waves would roll under me changing my view from nothing but sky to nothing but big mountains of water. All I could hear was the waves crashing behind me.

The girls played in the sand for hours, picking up shells, and taking turns going in the water with either Mommy or Papa. We stayed until it was dark, showered the sand off, and drove home with girls asleep in the back seat and the windows rolled down. It was just what we all needed.


To Blog or Not to Blog

That really is the question. Basically, what it all comes down to, is that I’m just really kind of sick of it. Imagine that!

It may end up just being a long blogging break, we’ll see. But don’t worry… we will not be dropping off the face of the earth, just the internet. I also may post a picture here and there, or just get a Flickr account or something– I dunno. But, for now, I will say goodbye!


Little Photographer


Now that E has her own blog, she keeps asking me if she can borrow the camera to take pictures around the house. Sometimes, while she’s off somewhere in the house taking pictures, I can hear her giggling. And everytime I get to downloading her pictures onto the computer I am either laughing or amazed at her pictures. The picture above is a reflection from the top of a lamp (probably circa 1975 from the look of it!).

She is so creative and funny. I love learning more about her as her personality develops with age. I’m really looking foward to when she and her sister are older and getting to know them more and more.

Here is one of the pictures that I thought was funny…


We were able to “escape” the heat a little today with an invitation from a couple of new friends from the church here. It’s amazing how nice it feels outside when you’re in the water, but once you’re out again for about a half hour, you sure are feeling that heat again.

I took a bunch of pictures of the girls in the pool, but this is the only decent one (at least of my own children) that I have because R managed to splash a big drop of water on the lens for the rest. Oh well. At least the camera is okay.


I couldn’t help but think of the lyrics to Sweet Home Alabama (more specifically, the refrain) when I took this picture:


We’re Frying Here!

I promised I would bring the girls to the park yesterday but when we got there it was just too hot for them to play. We were all dripping in sweat after about 5 minutes and all of the playground equipment was too hot to even touch.

I thought I remembered them saying on the news last week that we were supposed to get some cooler weather this week, but when that only brings it down to 97 degrees, it really doesn’t help much.

I felt bad, but we really had to do something different, so I took them to get ice cream instead.

We only have a few more weeks left here Montgomery, and I will be glad to even be a little more north to “cool off” a bit.