Bacon Muffins?

Me: (as I turned on the oven light) “M, do you want to see what the muffins look like baking?”

M (age 4):  “They don’t look like bacon, they look like muffins!”

Little M is always full of energy-- unless he's sleeping


Blogging Again?

On the swing is M jr, R and E with M the 3rd at the window. October 2011

Okay.  So, I guess I gave up blogging for a while… or a few years… or four years. I may be back– not completely sure. I just happened to decide to pull up the old blog and reminisce for awhile today, and I had SO much fun looking at old photos and videos and remembering all the past times.

I had been pretty into Facebook for so long, and I guess I viewed blogging as “so 4 years ago.” (o: Well, I deleted my Facebook account a month or two ago, and I think I may be back to blogging! Silly, fickle me.

After looking at all the old posts, and remembering that the whole purpose of this blog in the first place (according to my “about” page)  was “to share photos and updates with friends and family, and to have a place to look back on our lives as time goes on”, I think I may start it up again. We have 2 boys now as well as our growing 2 girls, and I want to be able to continue to look back on these years also.

I also noticed that I still have 3 readers subscribed to my blog. Thanks for hanging in there… or forgetting to delete your subscription. (o:

November 2009

"Cause I'm as free as a bird now... And this bird you can not change... Lord knows, I can't change..."

R had her training wheels taken off.

Hiking with Papa on the Mountain.

Above the clouds

Pop Goes Curious George

Little M is Two! He liked the cake, but not the mess.



I can’t take the credit for this picture. My sister took it when they came to visit a few weeks ago. I had not seen her or her family in 7 years. A few weeks ago, I met 2 of her children for the first time, and she met 2 of mine for the first time!

I’ve decided to go to a photo blog theme since I just don’t have time to write much anymore. So, I hope you will enjoy seeing a photo here every once in awhile instead of no updates at all!