Mashed Frog & Lion Soup

E and R have been making some interesting pretend dishes today. On the menu is roasted deer with mashed frog, lion soup with cherry butter, and some other delicacies that someone who is “common” like me has never heard of.

Purple Toucan was also on today’s menu. Mmmmmmm.


6 thoughts on “Mashed Frog & Lion Soup

  1. What’s better is that they were all fresh! E proudly declared, as she decapitated the fawn in preperation for the mid-morning feast, that she had just shooted them this morning!

    Bon Dufus.

  2. We’ll be down where you are for a visit not too long from now– would you like us to bring you the mashed frog, or lion? I believe we are all out of Purple Toucan.

    How are you all feeling?

  3. I wish I had known earlier about the culinary talents at the E & R Bistro…I could have contributed some little frogs to them…I’m still finding little carcasses in nooks and crannies in our apartment! Though, it’s not the fresh kill that E & R seem to have there! I love how everything was “shooted” in the morning.

  4. Oh yes, lion please!

    We are pretty much well with some runny nose remnants. I have been having a rough time with my endometriosis pain so please pray that the Lord would direct us in dealing with that. I have to have another surgery now. Thanks for thinking of us! Let us know when you come to town and we’ll have you over for some Elephant or Peacock — Publix has been advertising them.

  5. Straight from Sauteed Mushroom to Mashed Frog and Lion Soup! A lot of food talk going on around here! At first glance, I thought that was a real pet hamster under the knife!
    These days, any dinner with meat served is bound to turn into a discussion about how it saw it’s dying day. (We get most of our meat locally) “Did the farmer shoot it with a gun?”
    It doesn’t help that the dogs have been dragging deer parts into the yard, swiping them from a mountain lion’s stash nearby.
    Just wait until we have leg of lamb on Christmas Eve, imported from Australia!

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