Things I’ll Miss (…and won’t miss)

Well, we have moved. It was a lot of work, and I am still trying to catch up on sleep and energy stores, but we are done and fairly settled. Oh, and if you ever want to really declutter, just rent a truck that is way too small to fit everything. You’ll be amazed at the things you will part with. (o:

Things I’ll Miss


  • Our friends (some of which are pictured above)
  • Unhomogenized milk in glass bottles
  • The mild(er) weather
  • The historic homes
  • The mountians
  • Our bakery and the friendly girl who works there
  • Our UPS guy who talks about his son who is also in lawschool
  • Some of our neighbors
  • The long train of brown UPS trucks filing out onto the main road at exactly 9 a.m. after I’ve driven Matthew to school
  • A view of the mountains from just about anywhere in town
  • The roads lined with cedar trees
  • The sound of the big bull frogs at night in the spring and summer by the pond

Things I Won’t Miss

  • People who can’t merge onto the highway or go faster than 60 mph (I’m not being picky about this… it is a HUGE problem!)
  • Really bad dry cleaners
  • ZERO children’s shoe stores
  • Surprisingly bad retail service and manners
  • Verizon (particularly the almost comical, but more furiously frustrating “customer service”)
  • Having someone always living below us
  • Having to look at every single expiration date at the grocery store because they leave rotten/expired food on the shelves (no matter how many times you have to return things and complain)
  • Lack of good restaurants
  • Lack of good grocery stores
  • Basically, a lack of good food
  • Unclean air ducts in our apartment
  • The HUGE “LU” emblem on the side of one of the mountains

4 thoughts on “Things I’ll Miss (…and won’t miss)

  1. I know that leaving is bitter sweet. Now you get to embark on a new phase in your life. I hope you will enjoy your time here. We look forward to seeing more of you!!

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