Our December

Baptism Day
Baptism Day – Dec. 9, 2007

Boat Ride
Boat ride across the river to see the…

Gingerbread Town
Gingerbread Town

First Smiles
First Smiles

Family Gathering
Grandmother’s House



10 thoughts on “Our December

  1. That pic of Bon Jr. at baptism is too precious! He really looks like his mama!

    LOVE LOVE LOVE R’s expression on the boat! I have a special spot in my heart for her!

    Has biggest sis lost a tooth? She looks like she’s spotted something yummy at grandmother’s house….

    Oh-I was getting a serious jones for these cutiepies! Hope all is well with everyone!! Looks like a merry Christmas was had by all! And it must be boy season-a friend of mine in NH had a Christmas baby boy…well, the 22nd.

  2. No, Jolly, that is entirely new baptismal attire. I say “new,” but the material itself is quite old. It was salvaged from the flag of surrender presented to the Tribal Chieftan MacGaughtugie on the plain of Dunlocheaghan, after years of bitter struggles against the Druidic forces for the right to worship God biblically and the right to universal access to free pipe weed.

    According to legend–which I see no reason to doubt–the MacGaughtugie’s were very near their demise at the hands of the godless pagans, when through their bloody tears they beheld on a distant moor a lone damsel singing the second psalm in what sounded above the din of war to be the voice of an angel.

    Thus roused, with a shout and a fresh surge of determination to worship the one true God, the warriors pressed forward, half-crippled as hail began to crack the heads of the Druidic soldiers, while not one hailstone touched the pate of a MacGaughtugie.

    As the victory neared the frantic Druids sought surrender only to find that all their clothing was so drenched in blood, they had nothing with which to signal their plea for a cease to the struggle. In order to stop the overwhelming advance, they were required to humble themselves on bended knee to the psalm-singing lass who was the only one with pure white garments.

    With a flash of her golden dagger she hastily produced a perfect white square which the beaten Druids tied to a crude rod and eagerly hoisted over their heads as they succombed to the armies of the Lord.

    Anyway, that’s a long of way of saying that Matthew Jr’s baptismal garb is both new and old.

  3. Not sure what kind of books Matthew has been reading in his spare time, but the real answer to your question is, no– Matthew’s mom bought that for him as a gift while she came for a visit last month. We still have the gown for any possible baby girls in the future though. (o:

  4. I think you can only “jones” if you’re a yankee. I think it’s right up there with jimmies, hoagies, grinders and wicked. :) I think the southern equivalent is a hankerin’?

  5. Well, we had a real hankerin for him to wear it. Plus, this material came from the hem of the psalm-singing damsel’s gown, not the blood drenched Druids, so just a little Tide to knock off the tinge of time and we wound up with a gleaming white garment.

  6. Tobacco, of course. A.K.A. “Leaf of Light” “Aromatic Manna” “Wisdom Weed” “Bit o’ Baccy” “Presbyterian’s Delight”

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