Week 35

Week 35

Week 35

Week 35

Okay, okay…. here’s the real pregnant person…

Week 35

I started off in a maternity size small, and now I have to wear a maternity size large in order for the shirts to go over my whole belly. This did not happen when I was pregnant with the girls. The doctors are still telling me that there is just one baby in there, and that he is measuring fine.

When I came out of Motherhood the other day with my 3 large shirts to get me through the next month, the door actually chimed twice!


7 thoughts on “Week 35

  1. Too funny! R’s dress looks like most of my clothes when I was pregnant-everything had little food spots! You look great, and boy has the boy dropped from the last picture you had!

    If you want something inexpensive and can be worn post partum, I got some great shirts at Old Navy recently-they’re kind of “tenty” and stretch well. I almost feel like someone’s going to ask me if I’m pregnant again! Oh-and they were $5 each!

  2. I love your big ‘ol pregnant belly!

    I think you need a relatively more recent quote of relatively recent origin…or else change it to a quote of relatively ancient origin!

  3. Love it! Totally a boy…my pregnancy with Charlotte was not so sticking-all-out-fronty like with the boys. You look amazing though :) Love Matthew’s expression.

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