Yesterday, Matthew’s new boss and his wife took us out on their boat to explore the area by water. We had an absolute blast. Here are some pictures…

Exploring the Marshes
We probably need to eventually invest in some children’s life jackets.

Exploring the Marshes
Matthew, pretending to navigate.

Exploring the Marshes
The whole group… except for me (I love this picture).


Living on the edge.

The wildlife here is so neat. There are manatees, pelicans, wood storks, and we even saw 2 dolphins!


4 thoughts on “Exploring

  1. ok this has next to nothing to do with your post- but… those mary- jane-ish style crocs the girls have are super cute. Can I find those at a store near me?

    looks like a loooovely afternoon. That manatee sign is too much.

  2. Ursula– I have actually grown to like this weather… although I really miss the snow (but not the super-long winters).

    Jolly– Matthew’s mom got those for the girls. I think that style just came out this year, and I’m pretty sure they only make them in children’s sizes. I actually didn’t like crocs at all until I saw those.

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