No Room for Debate

Peaceful Demonstration


13 thoughts on “No Room for Debate

  1. Yes– that’s what we did this afternoon. A lot of churches around town got together and lined one of the busy streets on both sides.

  2. Because of your love for children I thought you might be interested in our ministry to reach the invisible children of America.

    Some probably live within ten miles of you. They are children who do not have nurturing parents, children who are often forced into gangs to survive. Children who go to bed in fear and awake in fear.

    I see that you are a homeschooler. Perhaps your children would like to have a ministry of praying for the invisible children of America. Check out our website at If this is a ministry you would like your children to be a part of through prayer you can follow what is happening by registering for our enewsletter and checking out our blog.

    Deuteronomy 6 is a challenge to the church to not forget any of the children – O Israel is a call to all, not just parents.

    May the Lord bless you as you raise your children, may He give you wisdom and strength.
    Wanda Parker

  3. fitnessfortheoccasion–

    It *is* her opinion that mothers killing their children is wrong. And when it happens to the tune of several thousand daily it is even more vile.

    She’s certainly very glad her mother didn’t kill her, and as her father, so am I.

    Even the smallest child can easily recognize the horror of a mother killing her child.

    Any child who is incapable of instantly recognizing this is uneducated, backwards, contrary to all good sense and repressed to the highest degree.

    It is one of the most fundamental moral principles of all. If a child can’t get this right, what chance does she have of getting any other moral understanding right?

    What shocks the conscience is that you think a child being dismembered or otherwise destroyed by her mother inside her mother’s womb is NOT horrible, but a child pleading on behalf of such children IS horrible.

    That is hideously warped.


  4. And another thing “fitnessfortheoccasion”…

    What kind of monkey do you think a 4 year old is? Do you really not think that 4 year olds can have opinions?

    Hell, why not just bump them off, too, then? They’re not really even human to you yet.

    If you don’t think a 4 year old can think yet, no wonder you don’t mind treating a baby in her mother’s womb like an animal to be slaughtered…probably worse, because you’re probably vegan or some crap like that, too, on top of being a baby killer.

    You’d rather human mothers kill their babies–suck out their brains to deflate their skulls, rip arms legs and heads off piece by gory piece– than to see a precious hog become bbq.

    Stay away from my family, you freak.


  5. Pattie,
    4 year olds can definitely have opinions. There’s just a heavy level of parental influence to a tune that does not speak of independent opinion.

    As for “mothers killing their children”, do you mean fetuses? Do you mean clumps of cells? Are you saying a 4 year old is determining where life starts on her own? Yeah, I find that a little unbelievable.

    Yes, pro choice = vegan. Where on earth do you come of with this stuff? Of course it doesn’t. Stop building your world view on assumptions and blind faith.

    I am very pro-children. I’m for universal health care. I’m for policy that makes it easier for women with children to get out of abusive relationships. I’m for high quality education for everyone. The problem with conservatives is they tend to forget about kids in favor of fetuses. And they also tend to forget that women are people too, as the latest Supreme Court case so clearly points out.

  6. That’s loving of you to make sure the few children who escape your forceps and shop-vac on the front end will be rendered as stupid as possible in your indoctrination emporiums, so they won’t be able to question the substandard death treatment they’re getting or the fact that you are stealing what little property they have in order to pay for free drug-induced stupor for all, calculated to make sure they stay good little democrats so they can get their free Ritalin fix on time.

    As my father taught me (probably at a young age, before children are really people) “Son, with friends like that, who needs enemies?”

    Ahhh, you’ve unlocked the secret…”heavy parental influence…” Of course there is, for crying out loud! There’s supposed to be.

    How about, “Um well, Johnny, the snake might bite, but I don’t want to suppress your free spirit or anything. I just want your opinion to independent.” You call that loving?

    Since I’m her father though, I can tell you exactly how the topic of conversation went: “Daughter, do you think it’s okay for Mommies to kill their babies?” “No.” “Neither do I, and so we’re trying to help those babies.” “Do you want to help the babies in their Mommie’s bellies?” “Yes” “I do too…I’ll stand right over here close by you, okay?” “Okay…why do the Mommies kill their babies?” “Good question. Partially because they’ve been lied to by a lot of people including, unfortunately, our government.”

    I cannot believe (well, yes I can) that you are monster enough to call a tiny child a “clump of cells.” Your “clump of cells” are my children.

    Even if it were true that conservatives didn’t do anything at all to make the world a good place for women and children, that would not justify killing babies for money and wrecking the bodies and lives of millions of women while doing it!

    But, talk about “building world views on assumptions and blind faith,” do you have any real clue about what conservatives really do for women and children?

    It’s not conservatives celebrating the denigration of women in porn, or their use and abandonment to fulfill men’s basest sexual proclivities (“freedom” I’m sure you call it).

    Conservatives strive for strong families and homes where the wives and mothers and daughters enjoy abundant love and respect and provision and security.

    What do you want them to have? Something barely distinguishable from a streetwalker with whichever drunk will settle for them?

    How very loving and compassionate of you.

    Obviously, you don’t know a thing about all that conservatives do for women and children, because ripping babies out of mothers is not good for women or children, and neither is your pathetic “education” and deathcare policy pets.

    Here’s a good video you need to see on youtube where Planned Parenthood gets caught in almost every state breaking the law by shielding rapists. Is that the kind of “getting out of abusive relationships” you advocate? Thanks but no thanks.

    As Georgia Representative Martin Scott said to a friend of mine while discussing the left-wing attacks on his proposed abortion legislation, “These people kill babies for money. I don’t think lying will be much of a stretch for them.”

  7. Hi fitnessfortheoccasion

    Do you have children? Do you have friends with children the same age as the girl in Pattie’s picture? Maybe a little older? What do they believe about “fetuses?” Have their parent’s beliefs informed their opinions? It is hypocritical of you to say that it is wrong for conservatives to help inform their kids but it is ok for you.

    Do you really think that a child can grow up in a “liberal” home, go to a government school and then form an “independent” opinion? There is no such thing! All our opinions are informed by our environment, by those around us no matter what our age. You just happen to hate the environment in which “conservatives” raise and teach their kids.

    It is really no surprise because we call sin what it is and that makes you uncomfortable with yourself and your beliefs. I only pray that your hatred for “conservatism” might cause you to turn your eyes inward, examining yourself, and drive you to a place of repentance for sanctioning murder.

  8. my comments are not directed toward “fitness.” anyone that is capable of ignoring the scientific facts regarding a child in the womb is not interested in either science or facts let alone entering a worthwhile discussion of the issues at hand. “clump of cells”??? seriously?

    my comments are, rather, directed toward parents that might be swayed by this all too common accusation that it is improper for them to “force” their views on their children. God has given this duty to parents. it is up to us to help shape our children’s world-views. the idea that they should come to right decisions on their own is ludicrous. as jolly pointed out, even if you don’t think you are, as a parent you influence your children’s views of the world. and, as the Word clearly teaches, if left to our own devices, we all (including children) will choose a sinful view. it is our nature.

    but, thankfully, God has given us His Word to guide us and our views, and He has given us our families to implement and facilitate His guidance.

    so, take heart. you are not training robots to simply think as you do. you are not stiffeling their personal though processes. it is your duty to train a child the way in which he should go, and he will not depart from it.


  9. Stunning chat. Good work, R on the poster.

    Children are a gift from the Lord; the fruit of the womb is a reward, Psalm 127.

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