I Renember Dat!

I cannot even tell you how many times we have heard R say “Ohh! I renember dat!!” over the last several days as we have been unpacking. We all, but the girls especially, have been enjoying seeing all of our things that have been packed up for the last three months.

With the amount of times we have moved in the past, it has been proved time and again, that if you pack up a toy that a child is sick of and pull it back out in a few months, you will likely never have to go toy shopping except on birthdays or other special occasions. This may work with adults as well– kind of works with me. (o:

Here are a few recent pictures…

The Hood

Big Frog


Window Shopping
Window Shopping

Ooga Booga Man
Ooga Booga Man


7 thoughts on “I Renember Dat!

  1. Thanks Jolly– I was waiting outside and watching them through the window. By the time it clicked in my head that it would be a great picture, E had walked away, and I missed an even better shot of them both. I like the few pictures I did get though.

    Urs– we would love for you and your family to come visit us… just give us a little time to get some furniture. We sold almost everything before we moved after school was over. (o:

  2. You are such a trooper to move so much, but I have to admit I really do love it (but it does get harder the more kids you have!) We’ve been here now almost 2 years and I have the itch to pack up and find a new place to settle in again. I bought a cabbage today and thought of your little boy :) How fun! You’re moving at a good point in the pregnancy, don’t you think? Have you found a good doc/midwife or get any good recommendations? Praying for you!

  3. Mary– I hate moving when I’m pregnant, but I know that it is better than moving with a newborn, I’ve done both. I just met my new midwife on Tuesday, and I really like her. Thank you for your prayers– we always need them.

    Clare– I’m due November 18th, although everyone I see on the street thinks I’m due right now, and when I tell them I have 2 more months, they look at me very sympathetically and tell me that they will be praying for me!

    Jen– That’s actually our next-door neighbor’s front yard (ours need a little work before I start posting pictures of it). (o:

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