The girls and I went to visit my parents last week while Matthew was in D.C. Here are some pictures from our visit.



My parents

Florida Florida

On the left are some little Pillow People, and on the right is Felix. He turned 20 this month!


3 thoughts on “Florida

  1. It wasn’t your intent but the pics of pillow people right next to Felix- He looks like a giant cat lurking around the corner from the girls. Very funny.

    Had I known you were going to Florida, I probably would have asked you to look for some driftwood for our hermit crabs. I feel like they could use a more “oceany” look to their tank. I owe you an email any way…

  2. You’re right– I didn’t notice that, but now that you said something, it does look like that! That’s funny.

    I may be able to get you some driftwood anyway since we are moving to the coast the day after tomorrow! (o:

  3. Love the pillow people! Those girls are a hoot! You have to let me know next time you’re in FL-we can try to head out your direction! Though, now that I know where your new home will be, we may have to come up to visit! I’ve always wanted to visit that area, especially after your pictures.

    Have a good move-don’t over do it if you can help it. Can’t wait to see the new place!

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