It’s a Boy!

Ultrasound Picture Ultrasound Picture
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This little guy never stopped moving during the entire ultrasound, so many of our pictures are a blur. That may explain why I felt him so early on… I think he has been bouncing back and forth across my belly for four months now. I think I’ll have to get back into shape real fast after he’s born to keep up with him. (o:


11 thoughts on “It’s a Boy!

  1. Congrats Pattie & Bon D!!

    …and Pattie, from what I hear you’ll have no problem with losing the baby weight with 2 active girls and a new babe!

  2. Forgot to tell you that you were lucky your active one stayed that way during the u/s. Andrew rolled and played until the u/s and then crossed his legs and didn’t move. Once I stood up-there he went again! Guess he and God were playing a little joke on us since I originally wanted the surprise…then didn’t. It was torture…but worth it in the end.

    I’m so excited to start collecting baby stuff! ;) Maybe some gear from Boston in the fall….

  3. Thanks everyone. (o:

    Ursula– I was a little worried that that might happen actually. A few times, the lady jammed the ultrasound thing so far into my belly it hurt. I think she may have been trying to pin him down so she could get a good picture of him.

  4. Congratulations! I have a few things going through the same time in life with little ones on the way, and I am CONSTANTLY amazed by this entire process.

    Good luck keeping up with the little guy. Hopefully your girls can help you!

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