Last Thursday


This past Thursday afternoon, my brother-in-law and sister-in-law’s house burned down. Everyone got out of the house okay except for a few of their cats (we’re hoping that they ran away and will turn up again). They have basically lost everything, but we are SO very thankful that they are okay. If this had happened at night while they were sleeping, it likely would have been a different story. They are still unsure of the cause of the fire, but an outdoor outlet with a timer plugged into it is a suspect.

Steve and Hope's House

Notice from these two pictures above that the Land Rover is pretty much holding up the whole corner of the house. What a great vehicle! (o: The condition of the Land Rover is still not known, but it looks pretty good from the back.




As you can imagine, this is extremely difficult for them. Within a few hours, everything they had was gone, and many of those things are just not able to be replaced. It was touching to see already the outpouring of help and concern from their neighbors. They have been showered with clothes, shoes, toys, toiletries, etc. I think H must have been given about 20 pairs of shoes after everyone found out that she ran out of the house barefoot.

Please pray for God’s provision and strength for the whole family.



5 thoughts on “Last Thursday

  1. I am so sorry for your family! how tragic, thank God they’re safe. they’ll be in our thoughts and prayers, as well as prayers for the safe return of their kitties.

  2. Yes-thank God that they are safe. Things can be replaced-loved ones cannot. I have some clothes that I was going to put on Freecycle-if you e-mail me with everyone’s sizes, I can see if we have anything that works for them. Obviously we don’t have stuff for the kids, but your BIL and SIL. And I can keep an eye out on our local Freecycle too.
    We will most definitely keep them in our thoughts and prayers.
    I’m sure that the cats made it out-animals have a keen sense for these things and I wouldn’t be surprised if they happen to be looking around for everyone in a few days.
    That picture of the kids is very sweet-you can tell E is consoling her cousin.
    And though it’s not a photo you ever want to take, that last photo is beautiful in composition: The smoke as the sign of the destruction, but the sun coming out telling you that there is love and light around.
    Like my favorite Jack Johnson song says, “I woke up this morning, a rainbow filled the sky/That was God telling me everything is gonna be alright.”
    Your IL’s have already seen their rainbow in the form of family and friends love.

  3. Thank God everyone is okay! And that your family is there now to comfort them. What can we do? Please post what they need and where we could send clothes/gift cards/etc.

    Hope to talk to you soon! Mary

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