Birthdays Past

Maggie's Birthday Party

Well, I am SO far behind on my posts! I have not been on the computer as much lately.

All within the last two weeks of May we celebrated 3 birthdays– Matthew’s, E’s, and her cousin C’s (they are both 7 years old now). A few pics…


Uncle and Nephew
Uncle and Nephew

Maggie's Birthday Party
She loves to play “dress up” and she loves weddings, so this little gift combined the two.


2 thoughts on “Birthdays Past

  1. Happy Belated Birthdays to All! There’s another one coming, right?! Guess R is doing her warm up in that top pic!

    Hope the little sweet potato is well too, and Mrs Potatohead! :)

  2. How cute. Spud is on my knee and when he saw your little girl, he said… ‘A Princess!’

    How sweet. My princess will be 6 on the 29th. Watch out for more Princess photos ( :

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