It seems that everywhere I look, there are babies. Many students’ wives at the law school are either pregnant, or having babies– there are people at our church pregnant, and a whole bunch of people in our church in GA pregnant and having babies– I look down at my own belly, and there’s another baby– and I look outside our apartment, and there are more babies… 11 of them.

Baby geese!


We actually have two families of geese. One family has 5 goslings, and the other has 6.

The family with 5 babies will come right up to the girls and eat bread out of their hands (but not without a little goose-hissing). They’re so funny. They want the food, but at the same time they are a little scared, so the hiss at you and try to act real scary, and then they take another bite. The girls call this family “The Grubbers.” The other goose family is more shy, but they are slowely coming around. The girls call this family “The Shyers.”

“The Grubbers”

“The Shyers”


11 thoughts on “Honk!

  1. we saw goslings the other day on one of our outings and my folks have some on their property in Wyoming. It must be that time of year all around the country. Did you know geese mate for life? Very cute.

  2. I didn’t know they mated for life… that’s great. I did notice that the papa goose sticks around the babies just as much as the mama goose does. And when they all swim in the pond, one of the parents is at the front of the line and the other one is at the back with all the little babies in between. It is VERY cute.

  3. I’ll try to get a picture of the swimming, too. Shouldn’t be hard…I’ll just run at them real fast and scare them into the pond…

  4. Hi Pattie… I’m just browsing from Neil’s page. I just have to say that I LOVE your pictures! They are all so vibrant and appealing. It’s hard to pull my eyes away from them!

    Question: Is it the camera you’re using or the program you’re formatting it in? I know a lot of times saturation brings a lot of the life to the forefront of a picture, but it seems more than that in your pictures.

  5. Hi Liisa. (o: Thank you.

    I think with the goose pictures it was more the setting on the camera, which let more light in. I also use Photoshop sometimes mainly for contrast and for sharpening the image… which helps quite a bit since the camera really isn’t that great in the grand scheme of cameras.

    (I’ve often wanted to comment on your blog, but I don’t have xanga account.)

  6. What great pictures of those geese. The little babies are so cute and fuzzy. I’m sure the girls are enjoying the wildlife!

    I hope you’re feeling good and getting bigger…bigger…bigger…

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