Well, we had a blast the other day with this link that I got from The Hutchison Monologues.

The first picture is me as you see me now, the next is me as an East Asian, then African, then much older, then an ape, and finally a Mucha painting (where I got the picture to make my new header).

PattieEast Asian PattieAfro PattieOlder Adult PattieApeman PattieMucha Pattie

I sent the link on to my sister who called me while we were in the middle of making our transformations (and laughing hysterically), and as much as I would love to post a few of her pictures that were far funnier than ours, I’m pretty sure she would not appreciate it. (o:

Here are some from the girls. The first is an age progression of E, and then an age progression of R.

TeenagerYoung AdultOlder Adult

TeenagerYoung AdultOlder Adult

Okay, now that I have permission, here are some of Matthew’s transformations. Normal, East Asian, West Asian, Old, African, and Ape.

MatthewEast Asian MatthewWest Asian MatthewOlder Adult MatthewAfro MatthewApeman Matthew


4 thoughts on “Metamorphous

  1. Wow…E looks just like M’s mom! And R as an elderly woman makes me want to go to her house for cookies & a story-she looks like she’ll be a lovey grandma!

    It’s funny how their hairstyle stays the same…..

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