A Really Good Dog



Our dog died on Saturday after 16 years of life (that’s 112 doggy years). She was sweet, smart, affectionate and full of character– she really seemed like a person most of the time. She could always tell when we were talking about her, and she always knew when she was about to go for a walk… it was kind of eerie actually. She had a happy howl/bark when she would get excited about going outside or going for a drive. She was also very stubborn but even more loyal, and it was obvious that she loved Matthew more than anything. I think she lived a long life just to be pet and praised by him.

Matthew got Pebbles shortly after his father died in 1992. Having to care for her (she did not start off as a very obedient dog) helped him to be able to focus on something else and get through some very difficult times. When he first got her, if she ran away, he had to make a trail of bread in order to get her to come back. She could get out of any collar, and break any chain. He persevered and continued to train her into an extremely obedient and loyal happy dog.

As long as I’ve been married to Matthew, Pebbles (otherwise known as Punky-Nub, Pebbley-Poo, or Pebble-Pot-Pie) was there too. For as long as I’ve known them both, they went for a long walk together every night. It feels strange to not need to refill her dog bowls. It’s strange to not hear her low snoring all night long, and to never hear the “click-clack” of her toenails on the hard floors.

Anyone who knew her well, knew that she was really one of a kind. We will always miss her.


6 thoughts on “A Really Good Dog

  1. Oh I am tearing up for you all!! Pebbles was such a good and patient dog. She was such a fixture in your family. I know this will be tough on you all. How are the girls dealing?

  2. Thanks Jolly. The girls were sobbing the first few hours after she died, and E also went so far as to change into something black, but they both seem okay now, and they just mention little things that they remember about her every now and then.

  3. Sorry about losing Pebbles. I hope that M is ok, too. I know that it’s definitely got to be a tough loss for him. The good thing is you all have wonderful, happy memories of her and will always keep her in your hearts.

    Hugs to you all!

  4. Sorry…..

    We lost our little Peggy a month after we moved from England to Ireland. She was chased onto the main road by a bunch of kids trying to catch her.

    I was *dreading* telling the girls what had happened. We sat them down and told them as best we could. No.3 was too young to understand, No. 2. fell apart and cried hysterically and No. 1 quietly asked, “Can we get a hamster?”

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