Early Pregnancy

Hands and Feet
Little Hands & Feet

No sooner had I posted that other post (where I talked about not feeling nauseous) had I begun to feel the more full effects of early pregnancy. As time has gone on, I have felt more and more ill, with these last several days being spent almost entirely on the couch.

Earlier this week (before the cold snap), I decided to sit outside while the girls played. I figured, if I’m only able to just lay around and not get any work done, I might as well sit outside so the girls can at least have some good play time. That way I also didn’t have to look at the big mess all around me (our entire apartment). (o:

The second day we were outside, M was able to join us, and after I went inside while R napped, he and E made a little stone bench. E also installed a “worm pile” which is a pile of loose dirt next to the bench where she puts the worms that she finds.

Now, almost everyone has some level of a sunburn and it’s cold outside again, but we’ll be back out there again soon hopefully.

Homemade Bench
Homemade Bench


6 thoughts on “Early Pregnancy

  1. I’m sorry you’re feeling poorly. I can relate. Things don’t look up for me until around the 16th week and then the nausea etc. begins to fade a bit. This is my second time around and it is definitely more challenging with a toddler to look after while sick!
    Were your other pregnancies similar to this one or are you finding some things to be different this time?

  2. Hi Jen– I’m usually feeling sick through the 1st trimester and then I’m fine. I have heard that every pregnancy can be different though.

    I hope I didn’t sound like I was complaining in my post! I was pretty much just trying to give an update. I actually am kind of happy that I’m feeling nauseous… it assures me that everything is okay in there. (o: Plus, the sickness is SO definitely worth the prize at the end. I am so very very thankful for another baby!

  3. pattie, I hope you feel better very soon. I agree that the end result is worth the nausea, but man!, wouldn’t it be so much easier if you didn’t feel bad…

    are the girls excited?

  4. Hi Holly! Thanks. (o: Yes, the girls are VERY excited. For awhile there they were even looking at me differently… like I was some kind of godess of something. Since my belly pokes out now, my youngest always tells me with a big smile that she can see my “bump”.

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