Easy Room Makeover

Well, me and the girls have been sick for over a week now. We all got the flu, and it was bad. All last week we layed in the livingroom together feeling miserable. It was pathetic. We are almost better now– mostly just a bad cough and stuffy nose.

The pictures below do not at all represent what our livingroom looked like while we were all sprawled out across the floor and sofa with Kleenex and old mugs of tea everywhere. I took these before we got sick when I was going to blog about my quick livingroom “makeover” that took place in one night.


These are the lovely sofas (above) that I bought on eBay a few months before we moved here for law school. They were brand new when I got them (for a measly 200 bucks I might add) — the person selling them just didn’t think they matched anything in their house. I sold them on craigslist.com one night the other week, rolled up the area rug, brought the little sofa and chair out of the kitchen (remember our home cafe?), pulled the area rug out that was rolled up in the office closet, and voila!

Our new livingroom!

I have never had this much time to prepare for a move in my life. I’m usually frantically throwing things in boxes with my head spinning in circles. It’s been nice to be able to go through stuff slowly, and sell or give away the things we don’t want to move.

After next week (which will be Spring Break), M will have approximately 2 months left before he graduates, and then we will move at the end of May. I don’t know where we are moving to– that all depends on where he gets a job, but our lease is up on May 31st, so that is when we move. I think we may have scrapped the idea of getting an Airstream (but not entirely). It seems it would be more difficult for us to get any good loan rates for just property in comparison to buying a house. We’ll see what happens.


11 thoughts on “Easy Room Makeover

  1. Nice. :-)
    It sounds like we’re sort of in the same boat. My husband grauduates from the Sargeants Major Academy in May and we still don’t know where the Army will put us next. He was volunteered to stay on a few more weeks to help with a non-resident course, so it will be mid to late June before we actually depart. I suppose by then we’ll know where.
    New adventures, coming soon! :-)

  2. Glad you’re feeling better! Wow-I wish we lived closer…I would have bought those couches from you! I’m just waiting to find the right daybed or trundle for Andrew’s room to do my makeover…and a few trips to the Home Depot and Lowe’s returned paint section! ;)

    Happy Downsizing!

  3. Ursula– I wish you lived closer too! It seems everyone lives really far away. Have you tried overstock.com for a trundle? My top four favorites for a good deals are (not in any order): overstock.com, eBay, craigslist, and Goodwill. Oh, and freecycle… free is the best deal of all!

    Please show off some pics when you get Andrew’s room done.

  4. I haven’t checked Overstock yet-good idea! People here want astronomical prices for furniture on CL and no luck on Freecycle yet. eBay is WAY too pricey, too. If not, then I’ll get a captains bed that I saw on Walmart.com that was great-the underneath storage would be perfect, not to mention a captains bed is more “boy.” ;)

    Yes, we’re all too far away. You definitely have to let me know the next time you visit your parents and I’ll make my way there to visit! That’s of course if you move further north after graduation. I’d definitely be up for a road trip if you’re a state away! :)

  5. your house always appears so well put together. I can’t seem to ever accomplish that look. I guess it’s just too many kids/cats/shoes/toys/everything.

    glad y’all are feeling better.

  6. Thanks Hollie. I just don’t take pictures when it looks messy… which is usually closer to how it is.

    My mom also taught me the nifty trick of pushing all the clutter out of the scope of the camera while taking pictures of family members. (o:

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