Violin Recital II

Violin Recital Violin Recital

E had her 2nd violin recital yesterday (click here to see pictures from her first recital last year). She did really well. First she played Long Long Ago, and then she played Allegro as a duet with her teacher. You can see both songs for yourself here: (Sorry about the video getting cut off at the end. YouTube always has the sound off from the video for some reason, so the picture runs out before the sound.)

As a little finalé, four of the younger students played the Twinkle Twinkle themes together, and you can see that here:

Violin Recital
The whole group together.


4 thoughts on “Violin Recital II

  1. That’s because you have to respond to the invite from Flickr that I sent to you so you can see all of the ones that I made private.

    Silly. (o:

  2. I have such a hard time with those You Tubes. I can’t figure out why unless it is some setting on my computer. E is precious and I am sure she played just beautiful. She is going to be top notch when she is older since she is so talented this young. Tell me again, when did you start her? Thanks for your sweet comments on the blog!

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