The Downhill Side to 70

Me and Ruth“After tonight, Mommy will be on the downhill side to 70.” That’s what M said to the girls last night at dinner time.

It’s true, today is my Birthday, and I am now 36.

It’s been a really nice day so far. Before I even woke up, the girls cleaned the school room, and their bedroom, and made cards for me… R even wrote my name and hers all by herself. M made a card for me too and also made me breakfast and had Paul Simon playing even though he can’t stand Paul Simon (now that’s sacrifice!).  And before I even wrote this post, my friend Elizabeth called me, and my friend Ursula sent me an e-card, and I got a card in the mail from my parents.

I am told that there will be cake tonight, but they all swear they couldn’t find anything good as far as any gifts for me. Even though I don’t believe them, it would still be okay because M said that he will do all of the dishes tonight.

So, now I am going to shut the computer off and enjoy the rest of the day. (o:


6 thoughts on “The Downhill Side to 70

  1. happy happy birthday. you’re still pretty young at only 36. how romantic that you awoke to paul simon, even though your hubby doesn’t like him. happy happy birthday.

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