Broken Appliances

Broken Appliances

Last Saturday night, we had some friends over for dinner. We had a great time, and ate lots of food, and got lots and lots of dishes nice and dirty. After our guests left, I loaded up the dishwasher (packed it full) and what do you know– it didn’t work!

I feel like I’ve been doing nothing but dishes all week long. Now, I know that there are millions upon millions of people who have never had a dishwasher and function fine without one, and I myself have lived without one plenty of times in the past, but when you have had one for awhile, you sure do get used to it!

E has been helping me a lot with the dishes. It was a real novelty to her at first, but I think she is finally at the point where it’s just not quite as fun as she once thought it was. Here she is in her princess costume and crown washing the dishes.

Helping Mommy

And yes, that was our coffee maker there in the trash can in the picture at the top of this post. That stopped working on Tuesday I think. We have been using the french press for all of our coffee “needs”, and I guess I’ll get used to that after awhile too. (o:


3 thoughts on “Broken Appliances

  1. I broke the carrafe of my coffee maker and using my Irish teapot for my coffee!

    Hmmm…I never thought of wearing my tiara to do dishes…:) That’s way too cute!

  2. Sorry about your appliances giving up the ghost. I hope your dishwasher will be fixed soon and that you’ll be blessed with a new coffee pot. (although those French presses do make good coffee!)

  3. I feel your pain, friend. I have only had my dishwasher for about a month, but I LOVE IT; and I would really hate to go back to handwashing. I bought a great coffee pot at walmart on black friday. it’s one of those that doesn’t have a pot, so the coffee doesn’t get that scorched taste. it’s got one of those push button dispensers. I hope your appliance dilemmas work out soon.

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