Beet Juice Drop
A drop of beet juice falling from the juicer.

Several weeks ago we bought a juicer to help with M’s high cholesterol, high blood pressure, etc. We have not had his levels checked yet to see how it’s working, but he has been feeling a lot better and has had a lot more energy.

He was feeling especially good the other night, and he was joking around with the girls at the dinner table, when suddenly he stopped, looked over at me with a very serious expression on his face and said, “Wow. I hope I don’t become obnoxious.”

(o: He’s so great.


8 thoughts on “Juice

  1. It’s already up on my Flickr page… it’s just a little Nikon Coolpix 4100. My daughter actually just dropped it yesterday, so now it has no shutter/cover over the lense, but I think it still works.

  2. yes – neat pic for sure! What kind of juicer did you get? do you like it? We have been looking at the Vitamix, but I need to find a good price on one because they are so expensive. We would love to be able to juice. In some of the places we’ve been, they have REAL juice bars that are really neat and we always love the outcomes.

  3. Hey Stephanie– I shopped around a little before I settled on a juicer. It didn’t seem to matter where you bought each brand, the prices seemed fairly consistant at all the different stores (in other words, it didn’t matter if you were at Target or Macy’s, the same juicer was still going to be within a few dollars of the same price).

    They are all expensive, and we ended up getting one that was the priced somewhere in the middle which was Jack LaLanne’s. The cheapest one seemed like it was just that– cheap, and I knew we were going to use it alot, so I wanted a decent one. I’m pretty happy with it so far. We use it about 3 times a day, and it puts out a good bit of juice.

    I’ve seen those juice bars that you’re talking about. I once saw a man order some kind of green thing in a shot glass that smelled like someone just mowed the lawn. We’ve made a few of our own drinks that smell like we’ve just gone grazing out in the pasture, but they do make you feel good. Those kind of drinks will put some color into your cheeks!

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