Hey, How About Another Time Waster?

Well, since I have used up all of my space for the month on Flickr to upload pictures, and since I have used up all of my space on WordPress forever for uploading pictures, I have for you another little time waster. (o: This one’s a little weird, but kind of fun. And by the way, I think the red dots are his scarf, and not blood, although I am sure I have put this little man to an early death many times over. Here is the link: http://ic3.deviantart.com/fs12/f/2006/292/a/1/Linerider.swf

As far as life over here at our house, we have been doing fairly well. M has been plugging away with his classes, and the rest of us have been plugging away with homeschool and everything else. There are no classes next week at the law school, so that will be nice. This semester is soon coming to an end, and we all are very very happy about that. Infact, the end of law school period is so close I feel like I can almost touch it! Yay!  


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