I Guess I’m Not So Special… )o:

Logo There are:
people with my name
in the U.S.A.

How many have your name?

Well, at least I’m a little more special since I got married. There used to be 3,538 people with my name!


9 thoughts on “I Guess I’m Not So Special… )o:

  1. This is brilliant!!! Also, there are none called Neil Costley in the whole US… perhaps in the world! I am the one and only Mwwwwwwwwwaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh (evil laugh)

  2. I saw this a while back. There may be more out there since census takers don’t necessarily get all names, sometimes just how many live in a particular area.

    I know this to be true as if you look up our names on Switchboard, there is a C and U Z one street over from us! My sister brought that to my attention when she was trying to send us a surprise gift, but forgot our street name, but plugged in our names and got the other couple too!

    “It’s a small world after all…!”

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