Guy Fawkes Night

Guy Fawkes Night

We went to our first Guy Fawkes Night and Bonfire last night. This is the effigy that we made. I think he turned out pretty good, but in the end, he was burned. That’s okay– maybe we’ll make another next year!

Guy Fawkes Night

This is another effigy getting burned that some people made. He was mostly stuffed with leaves.

Guy Fawkes Night

Along with the large family that hosted the party there were a few other law students, some people from the University, and some people from church.

The girls spent most of the night running around the yard with the younger kids. They had a blast jumping in leaves, playing games around the yard, roasting marshmellows, and eating (way too many) sweets. I think I ate too many too… 

(To see more pictures click here.)


5 thoughts on “Guy Fawkes Night

  1. Guy Fawkes was no pilgrim, though he lived in their time, and hence the similar dress. He was quite opposed to most of what the Pilgrims represented. Could a pilgrim possibly have those eyes and those teeth?

    ~Bon Dufus

  2. Ursula– I have another picture that is VERY freaky. You can actually see a man’s face, with the same kind of beard in the flames. I have reached my limit for uploading pictures onto Flickr this month (already!) unless I pay them $25 (which isn’t going to happen at this moment in time), so I can’t load it up, but I tell you— it is FREAKY! It scares me actually. Maybe I’ll email it to you.

    (…and yes, as Bon Dufus said, he was not a pilgrim!)

  3. Very True Bon Dufus-I’ve ne’er seen a pilgrim with eyes or teeth like those! YOu know-the last picture looks like it has a floating marshmallow on fire…could you have been burning s’mores in effigy? That would be so wrong…. :)

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