Updating and Organizing

ClimbingI have been spending some time updating and organizing my blog and my pictures. I’ve recently added a bunch of links to my “Links” page, I’ve added a button for you to get email notifications when I have a new post, and I’ve added a lot of pictures (mostly old ones) to my Flickr pages. I have also subscribed to Bloglines finally, and I love it. Boy does that save a lot of time! Thanks for putting that Bloglines button on your blog Steph! (Oh, by the way, you should be able to subscribe my blog to it now.)

M is still plugging away with his studies, and the girls have been playing outside a lot after their school. The weather has been great and a nice little girl has moved into our complex, and they have enjoyed playing with her too.

E has also been learning to play chess.  I came into the livingroom early one morning last week to this:

Early Morning Game

I found them both in their pj’s playing a game of chess! E was trying to teach her little sister to play! Let me just say, it didn’t get too far before R decided to run off with a few pieces, but I’ve got to give E a little credit for trying. (o:


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