$6,667,000 Verdict Won

Oct 21 019M won an almost 7 million dollar verdict today for his client against an insurance company who refused to pay after a business lost their building in a fire. The trial lasted about 3 1/2 hours while M just blasted the other side left and right. He and his co-counsel will split one third of the judgement with eachother which will bring in over $1,100,000 for this one case.

Too bad it was just a mock trial. I wonder if $6,667,000 at least equals out to an ‘A’ for the assignment.


2 thoughts on “$6,667,000 Verdict Won

  1. Many thanks. The jury was weeping and practically begging to render a favorable verdict for our client who was helpless against the Oppression of the Big Corporation but for the jury’s heroic stand for the Little Man.

    The money really doesn’t mean much to me. I’m just pleased to see Justice Prevail. That’s the only compensation that lets me sleep at night.

    ~Bon Dufus

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