Thomas Jefferson’s Poplar Forest

Saturday was a free museum day for many museums across the country, so we took advantage of the day and went to Poplar Forest. We visited there a few years ago, but it was pretty different as they are in a constant state of restoring the house and the grounds. It’s always really beautiful there.

It seems like Thomas Jefferson was a really neat person (unfortunately he was also a pagan). He built the house in the shape of an octagon, with all of the outer rooms in the shape of an octagon, and the center room, which was the dining room, as a perfect square.

There are a lot of things about him that remind me of M actually. For example, he brought a massive amount of books with him where ever he was living (he had more than one home), he sketched pictures of houses all the time while he was in school, and he did a lot of things just for the principle of the thing (eg. he stained his pine front door to look like mahogany, so he wouldn’t have to pay the tax for having a mahogany door). There were some more things that reminded me of M, but now I can’t remember them.

Above left: E and R wearing period clothes with a cardboard Thomas Jefferson.
Above right: M packing his pipe with the display tobacco (no, not really).

They wouldn’t let anyone take any pictures inside the house, but that’s okay because we used up all of our camera memory taking so many pictures outside. It was a gorgeous Fall day, we all really had a nice day together.


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