Another First

E just lost her very first baby tooth today! She is VERY excited about it.

She and her cousin O, who is four months older than she is, have been commiserating with eachother about their loose baby teeth over the phone. He has already lost four, so he has been giving her advice and telling her what to expect.


2 thoughts on “Another First

  1. If E is like Kai, then she already has hatched her money saving scheme! Kai started saving with his first tooth, then went onto bigger and better moneymakers-selling old tennis balls from the tennis courts for $.25 to the people walking their dogs in the field in the a.m., lemonade stands at EVERYONES yardsales, selling his unneeded toys in a yardsale of his own…the kids great with a dollar!

  2. She may be like Kai after all. She has a “save” envelope in her top drawer that is packed, and the dollar she got from this tooth is right there with the rest. (We don’t do the “tooth-fairy”, but she gets the moola under the pillow anyway.) She has a pretend rock store that is open for business most days where she sells crayon colored rocks. She has suckered quite a few people (including myself) into actually giving her money for them.

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