A Pink Hat Party




Since we were gone all summer long and the girls each had a birthday during that time, some friends of ours wanted to give E and R a little pink hat birthday party this past weekend. They were in little girl heaven (well, heaven yet still full of sin!).

They each had their own cake. R picked chocolate with chocolate frosting and M & M’s, and E picked pink cake with blueberries and pink icing with sprinkles and M & M’s (yes, she really is a complicated child). My friend L had a huge selection of pink hats for us all to wear (well, M and her husband didn’t participate in that part), ordered Chinese food, and opened a few (beautiful) presents. It was so incredibly nice of them to do all that! We all had such a nice time.



4 thoughts on “A Pink Hat Party

  1. Those girls have some mezmerizing blue eyes! E looks like Liz Taylor when she was in National Velvet. R looks just like her mama…and she’s a girl after my own heart with all chocolate! Mmmm!

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