This is Charles, R’s new fish. He has lasted over a week now and still seems happy and healthy. There must have been something wrong with that Alabama water. Either that, or it’s because of the flash of my camera. This one will probably die now since I took his picture. I hope not– he’s very pretty and seems to notice us, and gets excited when we are about to feed him.

The weather here has been windy, rainy, cold and wonderful. Thanks Ernesto! I love this kind of weather– especially after that long long hot summer. I’m sure it will warm up again after a few days, but hopefully not quite as hot as it had been.


One thought on “Charles

  1. Glad you are getting rain and not too much wind. Sigh. We could use more of that out here. I like R’s cutie new fish. We have instructions on how to turn on of our old computers into an aquarium. Maybe we should give it a go. I could watch fish all day… hypnotic…much like a TV…

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