One More

E took this picture of me while we were waiting for M to be finished with work one day. She is constantly in motion, and if the camera is not on just the right setting for her, all of her pictures end up at least a little blurry.


Hopefully my posts will be current now…


7 thoughts on “One More

  1. You have two very adorable girls. I like their “relatively recent” quotes you post. The lastest is hilarious and I also remember chuckling several times over the one about eating the apple “to the bone.” Too funny.

  2. Thanks Jen. (o: I have a whole bunch of little pieces of paper all around the house with little quotes on them. I need to consolidate them into one spot so I can update it more often. I’m sure once your little girl is talking more you’ll have some good quotes to share as well! 

  3. Yay! A P Picture! Wait, that doesn’t sound very good…well, you know what I mean! It’s always good to see you on here once in a while. It’s tough when you’re the photographer-I know, it’s like pulling eye teeth to get C to take pictures.

  4. ha! At this point all he wants to do with the camera is bash it against the coffee table. That poor table…though, if we ever sell it, Laura said I should say it’s distressed-that’s a great markup tool! Ha ha! Anyway-I feel too enormous for photos right now. :/

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