iPod Vending

This picture was taken in Atlanta especially for the Dixon’s. (I thought you guys would enjoy this.)  (o:



3 thoughts on “iPod Vending

  1. I saw that at the mall o ga! Crazy! I just stood there and looked at it a while. Odd, but interesting.

  2. Oh that’s funny… we saw this one at Perimeter. I personally like a little customer service, but I guess if you already know exactly what you want…

  3. wow. There is something disturbing but fascinating about that. I think I’d stare too. ” We ain’t got one of them in Oklahoma”- use yer best drawl. Also- perimeter has an Apple store. Sheesh walk a few feet and nice guy with few piercings will sell you one and give it to you in a fancy plastic bag!

    Thanks for thinking of us Pattie!!

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