Seven Years

M and I celebrated our 7th Anniversary this year on July 31st.  We have a hand-me-down scanner now, so I can share an older picture. This is a picture of us about 7 months after we got married. I was six months pregnant with E… too bad you can’t see my big belly! We lived in Louisville, Kentucky while M was going to Seminary.


Here are some of the things that I love about M (in no special order):

He’s really good at anything he decides to do.
He is stubborn like me (but only in a good way).
He admits it when he’s wrong (and also when I’m wrong).
He likes to make me laugh, and he’s very good at it. (Sometimes I don’t even laugh, just because it’s more funny when I don’t. Really.)
He brings me flowers a lot.
He tells me how to say what I’m really trying to say.
He’s very cute.
He loves Jesus.
He falls asleep within 1/2 of a second of finishing a sentence.
He can actually be more sarcastic than me, and rarely uses it against me (I am ashamed to say that I cannot say the same of myself).
99% of the time, he can answer any question I ask him about the Bible.
He can win any argument with anyone except me (hey– I wonder if he just let’s me win).
He likes to be with me, even if we are doing something that he thinks is boring.
He can do a frighteningly realistic impersonation of a big black lady.
He is a good father.
He’s funny.
He makes me look good in public.
He covers up for me when I say something really stupid (eg. “Pattie, I think what you are really trying to say is…”)
He teaches our daughters to behave better then I am able to, so I look like a better mom than I really am.
He’s really smart.
He lets me put my ice cold feet on him at night.
He thinks I’m pretty (and tells me that I am).
He thinks I’m smart.
He is a really good driver except when he is lighting his pipe.
He becomes a better person as the years go by.
He makes me a better person.
He knows a lot about plants and landscaping.
He cares about details.
He is able to clearly see the big picture when no one else can.
He cares about doing what’s right.
He perseveres… even under a lot of stress.
The list goes on, but basically, he’s really awesome and I am so thankful that God brought us together. (Yes, God can use anything He wants to achieve His purposes… even the internet!)

These last seven years have been great, and I love M more and more as the years go by.


6 thoughts on “Seven Years

  1. Belated Congratulations! Great picture! I forgot you lived in KY after you left NH. Wow-7 years. Time surely does fly, doesn’t it? I remember seeing those pictures of little E when she was coming home!

  2. That’s sweet! What seminary did you attend?

    Incidentally, I’m heading to Louisville soon. Any recommendations on sights to see that are close or in the downtown area? Walkable?

  3. My husband went to Southern Seminary. He was in Louisville for much longer than I was, so I’m not sure I can recommend much…

    I do remember a walking path down by the river that was nice. There was a restaurant right along side the path, but I had never eaten at it, so I don’t know if it’s any good. I also remember a good coffee shop called Heine Bros. that was in Louisville, but I don’t know if they had a shop downtown.

    Sorry, I can’t tell you more. I hope you have a nice trip!

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